*Paul Revere
John Singleton Copley
Mr. Revere and I

Artist Expert: Stephanie
History Expert: Sarah
Literary Expert: Marc
*Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Grant Wood
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Artist Expert: Gianni
History Expert: Anthony
Literary Expert: Jenna

*Benjamin Franklin
Hiram Powers
Ben and Me

Artist Expert: Kerra
History Expert: Riya
Literary Expert: Shaahin
and Rima
*Robert Shaw Memorial
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Only Passing Through
Artist Expert: Samantha
History Expert: Daniel
Literary Expert: Brandon

*Ladder for Booker T. Washington
Martin Puryear
More Than Anything Else

Artist Expert: Jacquelyn
History Expert: Jordon
Literary Expert: Dipali
*Abraham Lincoln
Alexander Gardner
Dear Mr. President
Artist Expert: Alex
History Expert: Chiara
Literary Expert: Jacqueline

*County Election
George Caleb Bingham
When Esther Morris
Headed West;

Artist Expert: Eve
History Expert: Jacob
Literary Expert: Andrew F.
Allies Day
Childe Hassam
Lord of the Nutcracker Men
Artist Expert: Paul
History Expert: Sana
Literary Expert: Stephanie

*Selma to Montgomery
James Karales
Child of the Civil Rights
The Ride to Washington

Artist Expert: Jonathan
History Expert: Ali
Literary Expert: Marisa S.
Washington Crossing the Delaware
Emanuel Leutze
Crossing the Delaware;
George Washington's Socks
Artist Expert: Brianna
History Expert: Shivesh
Literary Expert: Mukund

*Migrant Mother
Dorothea Lange
Out of the Dust

Artist Expert: Ryan
History Expert: Andrea
Literary Expert: Natalie
Sweet Clara & the Freedom Quilt;
Under the Quilt of Night

Artist Expert: Joseph
History Expert: Emily
Literary Expert: Lilia
Looking Down Yosemite Valley
Albert Bierstadt
*The Girl who Chased Away Sorrow
Artist Expert: Melina
History Expert: Jordon
Literary Expert: Caitie

American Flamingo
John James Audubon
Charlie's Raven;
Audubon: Painter of Wild Birds
in the Wild Frontier
Artist Expert: Grace
History Expert: Taliah
Literary Expert: James

*Brooklyn Bridge (14B)
Joseph Stella
Brooklyn Bridge (Hesse)
Brooklyn Bridge (Mann)
Artist Expert: Michael
History Expert: Sophia
Literary Expert: Alysha

*Brooklyn Bridge (13A)**
Walker Evans
Water Street
Brooklyn Bridge (Curlee)

Artist Expert: Shane
History Expert: Jennifer
Literary Expert: Marissa B.