American Flamingo

6-A John James Audubon, American Flamingo, 1838 John James Audubon (1785-1851). Robert Havell (1793-1878), Engraver after John James Audubon. American Flamingo, 1838. Hand-colored etching and aquatint on Whatman paper, plate: 97 x 65 cm (38 3/16 x 25 9/16 in.) sheet: 101.28 x 68.26 cm (39 7/8 x 26 7/8 in.) Gift of Mrs. Walter B. James, 1945. 8.431. Image ©2006 Board of Trustees, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

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About this book: One of the greatest naturalists of all time, John James Audubon, set out to paint all the different birds America. An adventurer at heart Audubon could not settle down to be a farmer or a store keeper. He was forever heading off into the wilderness to observe, collect and paint birds. He saw huge flocks of passenger pigeons, a species that is now extinct, and watched a flock of trumpeter swans scare off a pack of wolves. Audubon experienced all the privations and excitements that the western frontier had to offer: an earthquake, tremendous snows, and inhospitable bears.
charlies_raven_s.jpgAbout This Book: To think about: Jean Craighead George often writes about humans’ impact on nature or about their impression of nature. Read about her view of nature by going to this link:

In the world of the Teton Sioux Indian tribe, the raven is believed to be able to cure illnesses. With this in mind, Charlie captures a baby raven to help his grandfather recover from a heart attack. The raven, named Blue Sky, helps Granddad feel better and leads Charlie on a scientific study of ravens and their affect on humans. As the seasons change, Blue Sky teaches the humans how ravens interact with their environment. With the help of his friend, Singing Bird, and encouragement from his grandfather, a naturalist himself, Charlie keeps an on-going log of the good, bad, and mysterious things that Blue Sky does. But there is trouble in his valley, and Charlie must protect Blue Sky and the other ravens from humans who distrust them.

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